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Here at TLSM, we are dedicated to helping those who are fighting illness and other problems in their lives, find answers in the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ which includes your salvation, healing, whole well-being, your deliverance and preservation. If you are new to our ministry, here is a great link to start listening. TX - Monthly Healing School.

You can also join us on our Facebook Pages (The Living Savior Ministries Page and Thurman Scrivner Personal Page) as well as on our YouTube Channel (Thurman Scrivner).

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Upcoming Meetings

Our 16th Annual Church Building Anniversary & Christmas Potluck Dinner will be Sunday, December 3, 2023 @ 4PM The Church Service will be 2 PM, and the Christmas Potluck Dinner will be 4 PM. Please bring your favorite dish, family, and friends to celebrate JESUS CHRIST'S Birthday Season!

Check out our Facebook page for more information concerning the awesome meetings coming to your area.

In addition to our Weekly Sunday Service and Monthly Healing School, TLSM will be holding healing schools in the following areas and you are invited to attend:

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Update on Pastor Thurman Scrivner

Pastor Scrivner went to his heavenly abode, Monday, September 20, 2021, 9:45 PM.

Pastor Thurman's last Sunday: